2016 CASE 1150M for sale

Price: $220,000

Model: FPT FH4FA613L*E002
Cylinders: 6
Displacement: 6.7 l
Fuel injection: Direct
Fuel filter: Spin-on w/in line stainer and separate high capacity water separator
Air intake: Cross-flow
Cooling: Liquid
Engine speeds: RPM
High idle no load : 2200 +/- 50
Rated full load : 2200
Low idle: 1100 +/- 25
Horsepower SAE J1349:
Engine rated net power: 127 hp - 95 kW @2200 rpm
Engine max net power: 138 hp - 103 kW @2200 rpm
Engine peak power: 151 hp-113 kW @1800 rpm
Rated net torque: 610 Nm
Max net torque: 632 Nm
Engine lubrication
Pump: Deep sump plate cooler w/ pressurized under-piston nozzles
Pump operating angle ratings:
Side-to-side: 35°
Fore and aft: 45°
Core size area (Water Radiator): 0.32 m2
Rows of tubes: 25
Diameter: 660 mm
Ratio: 0,96:1

Dual path hydrostatic
Pump: Variable axial piston
Motor: Variable bent axis piston
Max. drawbar pull* : 213.5 kN
Transmission: Single lever control electronic straight tracking
Oil filter: 2 micron, spin-on, replaceable
Travel speeds*
Forward: 0 9.3 km/h
Reverse: 0 9.3 km/h
Parking brakes: Heavy-duty, spring-applied, hydraulic pressure release
Steering brakes : Hydrostatic
Final drive: 2 helical gear reduction to planetary output
Ratio: 61.4:1

ROPS/FOPS cab; Pneumatically suspended seat; Seat belt;
Adjustable armrests; Foot rests; Tool storage area; Headliner; Floor
mat; Mirror; Noise level 79dbA.
Warning lights:
Air fi lter; Alternator; Diagnostic fault indicator; Engine coolant
temperature; Engine oil pressure; Hydraulic fi lter; Low fuel level;
Park brake engaged; Service soon indicator; Transmission fi lter;
Transmission charge pressure.
Ad Blue Level; Battery voltage; Digital hourmeter/tachometer
diagnostic/service reminder; Fuel level; Transmission oil
temperature; Transmission speed indicator; Water temperature.
Audible warnings:
Engine coolant temperature; Engine oil pressure; Low fuel
level, Transmission charge pressure; Transmission/hydraulic
temperature; Rear wiper for cab; Internal mirror; Radio.

Pump fl ow @ 2200 RPM: 138.5 l/min
Max pressure: 195 bar
Lift cylinder: nr. 2
Bore diameter: 108 mm
Rod diameter: 50.8 mm
Stroke: 488 mm
Angle cylinder: nr. 2
Bore diameter: 114.3 mm
Rod diameter: 63.5 mm
Stroke : 465.7 mm
Tilt cylinder: nr. 1
Bore diameter: 127 mm
Rod diameter: 63.5 mm
Stroke : 148.3 mm

Track adjustment: Hydraulic
Frame: Oscillating equalizer beam suspension and pivot shaft
Track link pitch: 175 mm
Track shoe height: 55 mm
Pin diameter: 36.58 mm
Bushing diameter
"Heavy-Duty" track: 62 mm
"Max-Life" track: 79 mm
Track shoes per side: 43
Track rollers per side: 7
Carrier rollers per side: 2
Track roller rail diameter: 203 mm

Variable blade pitch : 55° +/- 5°
Lift speed per second: 503 mm
Cutting edge: Reversible, replaceable
Width: 203.2 mm
Thickness: 19.1 mm
Title2016 CASE 1150M
Listing TypeUsed
Stock NumberS193
Net Engine Power SAE Rated - kW103
Operating Weight Without Ripper - kg14500

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